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We at arabhorse.com have always been in awe of the majestic Egyptian Arabian Horse. We are happy to bring this site to the web not only for our client's but for Egyptian Arabian horse enthusiasts around the world. If there is something you would like to see or showcased here, please let us know.

mRm Arabians

MRM Arabians
MRM Arabians is a small farm found deep in south Texas only minutes from Corpus Christi beach. We take pride in producing quality Arabians with sought after bloodlines and even better dam lines. Correct confirmation is key to our program. Our goal is to retain the beauty of the Arabian breed and yet still have the capability to go under saddle in any direction which the horse desires. We welcome all visitors and would be pleased to introduce you to our growing herd!

Mackayne Arabians

MacKayne Arabians
Located in the heart of East Texas, Mackayne Arabians are breeding, raising and showing the purest of Egyptian Arabians. Founded in 2008 with the purchase of our first Egyptian Arabian Mare, Lady Mishaal RCA, Mackayne Arabians began the journey of a lifetime. Since then, the herd has grown to include Egyptian champion mare Alia Valentino, as well as bloodlines from many notable Egyptian Arabian champions, such as Thee Desperado, Mishaal HP, Ruminaja Ali, and many more. These mares will reproduce winners in the showring, and winners in your family!

Hanaya Arabian Stud

Hanaya Stud
Hanaya Stud began with a gift from a Saudi Arabian prince, and years later the passion for the Arabian horse drives the breeding program, not business.

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